Symbio is a team with Compass aims to specialize in three things:

1) Make buying and selling your property an unforgettable positive experience. Buying and selling homes is one of the most important events of your life let us take the stress out of it and make it as magical as it really is. Buying and selling a home should be fun. Whether it is a transition or an investment selling or acquiring a property is an opportunity for growth. Let us make your real estate experience amazing. 

2) Invest in Denver: Our goal is to invest socially in Denver. A portion of our proceeds goes to buying houses so we can rent them to people that have been displaced due to financial situations or they are in a negative living situation detrimental to their physical and mental well-being. Our rentals will serve as a safe space for people who cannot afford to live in Denver or cannot afford to stay in their situation. 

3) Work with the net-positive philosophy and scale-up: We want to build the worlds first ever sustainable co-living and co-working developments. This means our restaurants will use sustainably (oftentimes grown on-site food), we will have sustainable power, we will use green-friendly building techniques, and we will integrate symbiotically into nature by preserving land by building verticle and leaving green spaces. As all units would be membership-based you could swipe into work or live in any number of our locations worldwide.