1) create more than we take

Net-positive is a step up on net-neutral. Net neutral aims to break even by creating as much energy as it takes. This is not good enough on a planet that is being depleted of its natural resources. We need systems in place that not only sustain themselves but make up for unsustainable practices. This means creating developments that create more food and power than our communities can handle and selling some outside. It means making developments that plant more trees to lower carbon emissions. This means making communities affordable so people can put money back in their waller. Net-positive is not about the gains of profit, rather it is about creating symbiotic gains for the consumer and society at large. 

2) success is measured by social and economic impact

The 21st century has been dubbed the century of social innovation. More and more social enterprises are popping up that measure profits by examining the social impact. The bottom-line does matter as it is what keeps a company afloat. It is our job as democratic consumers to use our dollar to vote for companies that give back. The met-positive philosophy puts the social mission of a company at its core and is focused on what it's giving back not what it is getting. 

3) resource based economy

We should love people, not things and we should use things not people. A resource-based economy allows us to only use things we really need and equally distributes essential resources to the people (like food, water, healthcare, etc.). A net-positive company should always place the value of the whole over the value of any one part when it comes to the essential functions to live.