No book further alludes to the beauty of a life a service more than this one. The Bhagavata Purana or Bhagavad Gita is a classic Hindu text that illustrates that life is a battle between our most noble self and a self-based on selfish desires. Arjuna wins the battle by coming in front of his biggest attachments and finding the inner strength through the power of divine insight and dedication. 

"Principles" is a book by the CEO of Bridgewater (one of the top financial companies in the world) and this book is the disseminates the principles by which his company is running, and by which he orchestrates his life. Through a combination of radical transparency and accountability Dalio has built one of the most prolific organizational structures ever. Dalio, a Transcendental Meditation practitioner, imbues his philosophy with eastern elements and translates them into secular pragmatic principles that can enhance our lives. 


"The Way of The Bodhisattva" is a Buddhist book on the Mahayana path of compassion. Shantideva, the author of the book, gave this book as a speech or sermon to a group of monastics around 700 AD. Its message is relevant to this day in a society that is often focused on self trappings instead of helping others.


Its pragmatic way of ordering chapters based off of principles to compassion (wisdom, patience, etc.) allows us to apply the teachings easily into our life. This is one that I pick up whenever I need to feel purpose in life.   


The 5 am club is a riveting trip to Mauritia by two individuals that were taught the secret morning practice to awaken their true potential. The 5 am club is written in a fictional setting which allows the reader to connect to the message by empathizing with the character of the book. If you are looking for inspiration to revolutionize your life, look no farther.