Derek Schulze

an urban entrepreneur

I am determined to live a life dedicated to service. I try to see the world through the perspective of progress and engrain everything I do with purpose. At 27 I have succeeded and failed more than normal. However, failure has only pushed me harder to recreate myself, and pivot into a role that not only meets my bottom line but has a positive societal impact. 

I was born as the fourth generation on a family farm. This agrarian upbringing gives me a drive that is relentless and never ceasing. The entrepreneurial spirit of living by one's own means lives within me too, and encourages me to start businesses that fundamentally change the way people think and interact with their world. Whether it's a restaurant growing food hydroponically, an event that allows people to forget their stresses or a property company that focuses on "net positive" developments all I want is to leave the world a better place than I found it, and people happier than when I met them.